Ground Handling EINN

Ground Handling

For over 10 years US Alliance is the preferred service provider for co-ordinating DLA and contract Fuel (JET A1) to the US Government/US Military and associated agencies using US Gov Air Card.

We guarantee a swift on the ground response in arranging and coordinating all ramp service and other services such as :

  • Lodging and Transport for RON’s.
  • Lodging at US Embassy approved Hotels.
  • Printing of Weather Briefs and Flight Plans.
  • Fleet services, G.P.U’s, Huffer Carts, Lavs, Water, Belt loaders . on standby

What makes Shannon the preferred tech stop for US Alliance clients over the last 10 years is:

  • No slots/noise restriction
  • Runway 3,200 meter
  • US Department of Homeland security base in Shannon operating CBP clearance
  • 24/7 operations

DLA Refueling

For the last 12 years us alliance is the service provider for the coordination of DLA and contract fuel (JET A1) to the US Government/US Military and associated agencies using US Gov Air Card.

What makes Shannon the preferred tech stop over all other airports in Ireland:

  • Hydrian fueling on all stands.
  • Fast service, fuel truck guaranteed to be there on arrival.
  • 24/ 7/ 365.
  • Shannon airport fuel farm  has a storage capacity of over 1 million US gallons.

Trip Support

US Alliance Trip Support division offers a range of services for our clients in regions such as the middle east in particular Bahrain, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Egypt and Kuwait. These are regions where we have very strong partnerships with local ground handling service providers. US Alliance is set to open US Alliance Trip Support Services KSA division early 2019.

Some services provided are:

  • Coordination of ground services in ME (our personnel on the ramp).
  • Flight planning and coordination of.
  • Crew HOTAC and transport.
  • Transport services with secured vehicles and trained drivers.
  • Fuel arrangements in non DLA locations.

US Alliance Trip support services are available to US Military and US Government Agencies only. This service is not available for General or commercial aviation.


US Alliance will arrange a 24/7 team of “can do” certified aircraft mechanic and technicians on the ground ready to assist our clients in light or heavy maintenance repairs to get you back in the air and onward with your mission.

We will arrange hanger space if required and no restrictions on-ramp repairs day or night. The US Alliance ground team will assist round the clock in assisting sourcing any thing the crew require to get the job done. 


D-U-N-S: 896900425

VHF: 131.615

Phone: +353 6 1 475 499


Address: US Alliance Flight support Ltd., Pier building, Shannon Airport, Co Clare, Ireland

Regulated and licensed by the Commission for Aviation Regulation Authority Ireland: approval number TPGH/02/18